10 Really Photogenic Plants You Should Have in Your Apartment

As you already know that mother nature is a new mother. Currently, transform your apartment into a beautiful garden or a small bush in the city. This can have a significant effect on the fact that not all landlords are allowed to have pets all day. We guess and you will get a bush shrub instead of the whole jungle for yourself inside your home. They have to take care of it with your heart. In fact, we choose plants today, because we see pretty plants and really lots of plants on Instagram and we want to have the same beauty in our home. We are here to help. Here is a list of 10 photography plants you should have in your apartment.

1. FicusElastica

It looks good, but that’s just the name of a rubber-like plant, these plants are classic because they are so cute for most families, big green leaves look good on your Instagram. It’s easy to care for and I’m sure it will make the room easier. It is a really pretty plant that looks so cute when you take it inside your apartment because it is green and gives you some aesthetic hue use to the home as well as make your home look pretty. It is really easy to take care of your home and also the dark lush green colored leaves look very pretty on Instagram at is very easy to take care of them. So you should definitely have this plant inside your home and should buy one of the days of yours.

2. Maranta

If you want to buy a large plant, buy a moth. It grows outside and then fills a large pot of herbs. It also has bright green leaves with sophisticated design, and that’s what you want for your photos, right? This plant is really a pretty Idea if you want to have a beautiful collection of plants inside your home. It has really pretty Green Leaves and the design of this plant is really incredible which will add some beauty to your home. This color is definitely for you if you want the best and ideal photos for Instagram and also want some pretty plant which of photogenic in your apartment.

3. Monsteraadansonii

Since the leaves have holes similar to cake, this plant is called the Swiss cheese field. It’s really fun to be in your apartment and enjoys taking photos. Imagine how fun it is to play light and this plant will give you shade. This gives out the goals and makes the photos look really pretty on Instagram. if you want to buy some plants for which of photogenic as well as look really pretty while the inside your apartment, this is the one you should try because of it true outwards and does not fill up the whole pot and got such long leaves which have to design on itself and they will make the photos of yours look pretty.

4. Staghorn Fern

This is a very special plant and it definitely needs some work, but it’s worth it. The leaves look like worms and look good in photos. But as you naturally grow on other plants and trees, you need to attach these plants to your wall. Plant of this kind makes home look really pretty and give the perfection inside your home and they make the home look really pretty. They actually grow on one another on different plants and trees and you can get some really cool photos by using this plant inside your home. The effects they give to your home is definitely the best

5. string of pearls

The name of this plant speaks for itself. It looks like a pearl necklace, or you know it may be peas, but you still can’t deny it’s fun. The plants are perfect for hanging pumpkins. That way, the pearl necklace hangs as the pearl grows. Oh, and it’s good when you sprout with cinnamon. As the name indicates this plant is really pretty and it really looks like some necklace and it is really fun for making it inside the home. The plant is really a photogenic type and it grows in the form of these operators and will give an aesthetic he to home

6. frizzle Sizzle

This is probably the best plant you have ever seen. This is something of a science fiction movie. Crushed wrists grow into tight trunks on tight sticks. If you put it in the pot on the front of the base, it will create a very pleasant hairstyle. It is the creepy kind of plant and it makes you feel that you are giving a plant that has just come out of a scientific movie. The plant is really curled upon itself and it gives it a shape of perfection which looks really pretty and photogenic at the same time.

7. Blue Echeveria

Who doesn’t love them, right? Imagine how fun it would be to learn in a bowl or as part of a small garden. Blue roses in beautiful paintings and corners and shelves of your apartment. The color of it is really pretty and it will add a perfect school wise to the photograph you will get a lot of likes and comments on Instagram when you upload this picture on your account. Pick and place that in a corner of your apartment or shelves and you are good to go.

8. burro or Lamb’s tail

Here is a great view of those little green rows growing. In addition to being beautiful, it also has an interesting name –burro or lamb’s tail. Who doesn’t want in your head at home? Also, there are no contacts and no cats and dogs, so if you have pets this is a safe bet.

9. Hens and Chickens

Exciting sound for another small garden. This is probably the most common juice you see on Instagram, probably for good reason. They care, they are great and pets are not poisonous.


People love lavender these days.  They walk miles to take pictures in the field of glass, but they can easily grow at home.  Put it in big sunlight and plenty of water, and you have a beautiful ray of light.


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