19 Photos of Celebs and Fashion Influencers Wearing Face Masks

Who knew that a global style would influence people’s choices?  But that only makes sense, because everything in the world is related to it.  By that time, the infection would have passed, addressing many safety issues.  So let’s take a look at some of Hollywood’s most famous actors, artists, and faces.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that unless you have a medical condition or need to take care of a patient you should not wear a surgical mask. The masks prevent you from getting the infection as it has become Global and affecting the people. The mortality from Coronavirus has increased too much and has made the fashion influencers to wear it in a fashionable way which attracted people from all around the world.

On one way, where they wear their dresses the face mask has become necessary as the pandemic is in full swing. The one cause of wearing the mask is to get yourself safe and the other is that if you have a disease you may not spread the virus. We should look at the various celebrities of Hollywood and other fashion influencers which year the face mask in an attractive way.


Bella was spotted when she was on the airplane. She wore an N95 mask on the airplane to get herself safe. As you all know that safety is first and we do not know who is affected by the virus and who does not and when you are going to spend long hours on the flight you do not get to know that who is affected and who is not. So protecting yourself from the virus is the only way and that can be done by wearing the mask which Bella had worn in this picture.

2.Cara Delevigne

CaraDelevigneand her friends wear masks for the holidays. The picture shown is of the time when we did not know much about the Coronavirus and people were not scared still the celebrities wore those masks as they might not get an infection or if they are infected they will not affect other people by spreading infections.

3.Gwyneth Paltrow

Inthe picture you can easily see Gwyneth Paltrow wearing amazing face masks and gloves. She is going for some grocery and she has been protecting her from the virus as it is really important. According to the WHO recommendations, you should wear a face mask and if you will not, you are increasing your chances to get affected by the virus. Maybe she has worn some face serum which will protect her from the virus as well in this picture.


Howie is very German and still stays the same, so it is not surprising that he is the same.  But over the years, it seems to limit people and stay away from it.  Now he knows that violence and discrimination will be his second priority. The Mask worn is very protective so that he will not be affected by the virus. Wearing masks is very crucial these days as the pandemic is in full swing and any person can be affected by this virus. So these fashion influencers are also wearing the virus so as to protect themselves from the virus.

5. Naomi Campbell

Naomi had a great time at the airport during surgery and with the competitors. The mask he is wearing the same so comfortable and lightweight. He is an influencer and wants people to tell the importance of masks these days.

6.Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams was careful and found him wearing a mask at the airport.  Do you think people will start putting shirts on boards after they see these fashion icons wearing them?

7.Priyanka Chopra

The N95 petrol engine and Ray-Ban now look like new.  Eye protection is also important, and eyeglasses can prevent the virus. You should avoid shaking hands with the people as it increases the risk of infection and Priyanka Chopra has shown how you can protect yourself and maintain the fashion at the same time. The Mask is so important so that you will not get affected by the pandemic.

8.Sebastian Stan

Sebastian wears protective gear while riding, but you can say that we think this is a very important issue.  He seems very happy.

9.Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

If you wear masks and gloves before you leave the home then you are protected from the virus very much

10.Steve Harvey and Marjorie

Steve Harvey and his wife were wearing skirts on wooden boards, and their condition was about to begin to improve.

11.The Weeknd

He wasn’t sure when to take the picture, but he would use a mask to protect his face in a foreign week.  Until almost all countries remain free of a pandemic.

12.Selena Gomez

Selena wears a mask when she goes to Chicago with her mother.  This is the last picture of an Instagram camera while exploring the city in February.

13.Vanessa and Stella Hudgens

Vanessa and Stella made fun of masks, we could wear hats and skirts, and sponsored a surgical mask.

14.Zac Efron

We don’t know how the personal Efronis so energetic but he seems to be protected from the virus.

15.Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was dressed well and did the makeup as you and put the face mask on her. She is bringing out the fashion statement that you can wear the mask and still be glamorous during the pandemic times.

16.off White

Off white making face mask and they are more protective than anything. the masks are so important and they are wearing it.


they have brought forward the face masks to Fashion and has brought them to a different level. They have set a trend in the fashion world that you can wear makeup and face mask at the same time.


people can also be seen on the runways and fashion is still being done in the pandemic Rising.

19.Billy Eilish

The last fashion icon wearing a face mask is Billy Eilish and it has become a major accessory. She is waiting for it before the virus was not in full swing.

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