6 Reasons to Stay Friends After a Breakup

Relationships are what keep us going and many times it happened that the relationships do not last long and the end up and break up with the person. You need to ask that if he does not exist and if they are your enemies and you have to pretend to just be yourself and as if they are not even existing in the world. There are two types of people when it comes to breaking up the healthy term.

There are people who pretend that they are just the Enemies and they did not return of the relationship and they pretend that they do not even exist for them so that they can keep moving on in their lives while the other kind of people keep on saying that the breakup is messy and they just continue to stay friends with them. There are many reasons for breaking up in a relationship and it breaks you as a person because it may seem impossible to live without the person you spend a lot of time with. Here are the times When You Go Down the Memory Lane and you remember how healthy relationship was and how much you love that person. Due to certain reasons, you have to end up the relationship with them and that is the worst part of a relationship.

Sometimes the reason for breaking up in a relationship is it not able to forget the person who hurt you or the person cheated on you with the other partner and you will not want to carry on the relationship with him and you decide to avoid him for a lifetime. Breakup is not easy and it is rather messy and terrible but when you are not able to find with any option you end up break up with the person you love earlier. Some people opt to be friends after a breakup because of certain reasons.

If you want to know why people remain friends after a breakup you should give this article area.


Many times it happens that you begin really well and then a certain period of time you become more than just friends but it is a forward mod and it becomes very difficult to go back to your friends when you are in a relationship with that person because you think that it is not going to happen again but it is not true as you can simply be friends again after that friendship with you.

You feel that you are more friends and even partners who are that person and your friendship is far more important than the Romance thing you had between you and your partner. You feel that should not use that question because the relationship you had with him turned out to be the greatest one and you can simply befriend them for the rest of your life.



One of the reasons that you might not break up the person is that you live life together. You will live in the same apartment you are not able to break up that person and you to simply be friends rather than to bein a relationship. When your partner is your roommate it is very important to keep the terms with him as living at the same place with them is very difficult so that you are being friends with that person rather than waking up with that person. You have to try out being friends because you have to continue living for a longer period of time so that if you will not talk to the other person, you will not be able to live in a good way so to decrease the period you need to be friends with that person for you until finding out another place for living.


Having kids is one of the best and essential part to be friends even after the breakup. Leaving the kids after the breakup is really hard and a lot of couples continue the relationship because they are not able to leave their kids on their own or the other partner. You deserve the person who loves you but many people do not do so for the sake of their kids and when they do so they both really remain friends with the other person for their kid’s sake.


When you and your partner work together at the same place and you actually love what you are doing. It is very difficult to leave the favorite workplace of yours and you and your partner for the same company it may become even more difficult to go to the work and try to ignore them or just pretend they are not there. When you know that you are always going to see the person, you just break up at your workplace you try to obtain a healthy relationship with that person so that you do not ruin your time in the office. You can simply opt to be friends with that person so that you can not really see them after work but not spoil the time of your office work.


When you start a relation to the person there are a lot of memories you created with the person and you have more good memories than bad ones. You then simply ought to be friends with the person rather than a couple. When you are having good memory it becomes very difficult for that person. Though it does not make you feel good right now we have made you feel one of the best people in the world before that time. So for the good memories take you just try to be friends with the person who you once broke up with.


Last but not the least reason to come to the friends after a breakup is that you just want to. It is one of the best possibilities that he does not want to leave that person you once loved and you then just be friends to them for the rest of your life.

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