6 Signs The New Guy You Like Is Too Good To Be True

Whenever you date someone, you feel that you are too comfortable being around them and your heart skips a beat whenever you are around them. your and his relationship is just like a story relationship with seems more like a Fairytale than to be true. You always have doubts about such guys and there is a thing running at the back of your mind which Keeps On Telling You That the person is too perfect to be true but you always omit that feeling and start to date with him directly. Have you ever thought that how can someone be so good to be true?

He may be the guy you have been looking for a long period of time but it is a probability that he is cheating on you and he probably has some other good friends which you do not know about. You should be very careful when you date some guys like that.

You meet a new person, and all they see are hearts when you are around them. His relationship with her seems to have come from a fairy tale. Something behind your head tells you that your new person may be perfect. But is he as perfect as he is?

Before you get pranked in a new love relationship, here’s what you need to consider.


You know that sugary sweet guy is very hard to find who is Even true with you. If your guy is getting extra sweet and giving compliments every then and now then you should doubt him because such kind of guy is really difficult to find today and it is a possibility that he is just calling you or complimenting you with a different name because he is trying to win your heart and that for wrong reasons and intentions. Think twice before you take his compliment seriously. Everyone loves compliments. Your husband comes to you with a nice, sweet conversation, he can’t find that exactly and its purpose may be to deceive you.  He will try to win her heart for the wrong reasons.

  Things are progressing way too fast.

He seems ready to go before he knows half of his name, which means there could be problems. It can move very fast and I don’t know if it can make big enough promises or it may have a driver you don’t know. You think that things are getting too fast with you and have it is a probability that the things between you and your guy are going way too fast and there should be other reasons for which he is dating you. You should know about his intentions and you should think about him that why is he getting so sweet with you which will ultimately lead to all your answers.

He has no flaws, that you know of

As you know that everyone has flaws and there is no person perfect on this planet. Whenever you start to think that the person you date has no flaws, you know and that is a probability that he is too good to be true as we all have weaknesses. The person may be hiding something from you at that is really a bad sign for you. You should be very cautious while you date such. kind of person, Of course, it can be said to be very good.  We all have weaknesses and weaknesses – that is true of life and human nature.  So despite the mistakes, that means he wants to hide, and it’s never a good sign. You may not know the famous person behind the creation.

He keeps his phone in his hand at all times

If a guy you date, always keeps his phone at hand It is a probability that he is cheating on you and is probably playing you. You should never leave a weakness in your emotions for that guy because he is probably dating you for wrong reasons. He is probably not the one you are thinking because such guys are really not true to exist. It is really bad that you keep taking on your phone why you are for someone. If your guy is doing so it is the probability that he is dating someone else then you as well.  Someone who can’t put their phone away needs to hide something. Although he is uncommon on the phone, oddly enough, the guy plays him on the field and doesn’t want to know when the girls will be called or when.

  He is super arrogant.

Nothing happens to a person you trust. It’s really interesting who and what’s on the table. But if he associates his credibility with arrogance before it becomes a serious relationship, he may have a difficult attitude. He becomes arrogant, which can leave little room for you to consider your feelings and desires. He will become more arrogant as soon as you start to become more comfortable for him. Such kind of guys are very sweet at the start of the relationship but as the days passed his actual face come in front of you and he will become super arrogant. You will now be taken over by his arrogance and you will be totally mistaken.

He never calls you by your name

Satisfaction is when you meet a friend.  But pet names are used to identify and find a particular name that matches their personality.  If your husband calls your pet’s name too short, it’s a sign that he’s very good. You may call the pet’s general name, so don’t be mistaken for another woman who was born with her name. Women always like that they are being called by pet names and the cute names which affect their personality so well. If the partner is calling you by your pet name always it may be because he is too sweet but this is really not to be true. This is one of the signs which is suspicious and you must doubt that guy because it is a chance that he is taking your pet name so that he does not mistake you for any other girlfriend he has or he is dating. Whenever you see such kind of guy, you should be aware of the fact and think twice before you think that this guy is really different from others.

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