7 Sure-Proof Ways to Boost Your Immunity According to Ayurveda

It is the time when most of the people are sitting at home and they can make effective use of this time by simply being at home and eating healthy and clean. Most of the people have free time in this COVID-19 and they can easily boost their immune system. In English, AYURVEDA means “knowledge of life” and it gives an important and beneficial effect on your health and overall boost immunity.
You do not need any fancy supplements and other weird food items to add in your diet and you can completely be healthy by simply being at home and eating healthy. All you have to do experiment with certain kinds of foods which you have never done before and it will be so much fun. It is one of the new ways to keep yourself healthy and improve your immunity in the Global pandemic of the Corona Virus.
All of us want us to be healthy and improve the immune system of ours so that we can find this easy to get ourselves protected from the Coronavirus. There are a variety of ways by which you can improve your immunity and the 7 top of them are given in this article.
Diet is the core of it. Get your body the best of its immunity and so that you do not have to eat a lot of food. Eating heavy food makes you depressed and slow and you become lazy throughout the day. The process of food oily food and the meals are not a good option for you because they can make you have a chance of a sedentary lifestyle and will spoil your immune system as a result. The foods can make you feel bad and can make you feel happy at a certain point but you will feel that you suffer more depression and anxiety and you become lazy overall. Good foods can be added to the diet because they are hot spicy and salty. These foods include cauliflower, potato, fish, spinach, shrimp, banana, and wheat. The lightweight foods always promote your overall health and make you feel better as compared to the other kind of food. It makes you feel light and you will feel more relaxed at the end of the day. These foods can be added to your diet which includes Greens, coconut, organic milk, yogurt, and Beans which will improve the calmness of yours and you will feel relaxed at the end of the day. These foods also make you feel more active and healthy and one important thing is that they boost immunity.

Drinking the proper amount of water throughout the day is very important and you can never stay healthy without drinking a lot of water. Drinking water is best for you and keeps you hydrated but drinking warm water is even more beneficial which keeps you hydrated and removes all the toxins from your body and improves the digestion process. The water Boost Your immunity and make your metabolism faster. You should not consume a lot of fizzy drinks for being hydrated because you can simply take warm water to add some herbal in it eat and drink it for boosting your immunity.


There are a lot of toxins and microorganisms present in your system which makes it very crucial for cleaning your mouth and throat. You should scrape your tongue every morning because it will clear off all the harmful bacteria present inside your mouth. It is always better that you do some gargles with mouthwash or mixture of water and turmeric which has the properties of killing bacteria and will make your mouth clean.

The heads are always a good option because they have beneficial effects which may be slow but it is really effective. You may see the results of herbs and is a slow process but it improves your overall health and immunity. You can add Ginger which improves digestion and improve metabolism. It has cleansing properties which will make you feel good. It has immunity-boosting properties and it reduces fever.

Keepinglungs healthy is a very important phenomenon and steam inhalation serves the purpose. If you inhale the steam it will improve your immunity and it has some essential properties for boosting your immunity. It is recommended that you steam regularly once a day or week because it will improve the overall health process. It is also recommended that if you are smoking, you should definitely quit smoking because they are not really good for the health of your lungs. The dangerous chemicals present in the cigarettes will spoil your overall health and affect your lungs and lead to chronic coughing and breathing difficulties.

Exercise is one of the best ways to improve your help make you active for the day and reduce the excess weight which you have gained. Exercising regularly is recommended which will not only make you feel relaxed and active for the day but will also Boost Your immunity. It is recommended that you exercise at least 30 minutes per day to keep your active muscles going. Exercise, on one hand, has to maintain your weight and on the other hand, make you fight with your anxiety depression and overthinking habits and will make you feel more relaxed than ever.

Your attitude that how you handle a situation is what keeps you going. You should just keep a positive mindset and pay all the attention to your body because if you are constantly stressing over something you will not be able to relax.No matter how much good food you are eating and how hard you are exercising if you are not positive and stress-free it will be of no use. You can simply do light exercise, yoga, or hear relaxing music which will make you stress-free and you are able to enjoy your day. It should be made sure that before going to bed you are relaxed.

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