Celebs vs Katie Sturino – Style Inspo for Days

Every young woman who knows about the dress is average.  As more and more merchants make it to the curriculum for beech schools, it is still difficult to find packaging, especially what matters.  We need a blog on how to customize the star and add more features.

It is very difficult for thick girls to find out the dress as the market is not a very good place for plus size clothing. It is very difficult to get the plus-size version of regular dress especially when it comes in terms of copying the dressing of the renowned celebrities. We always want and it has become a need for some fashion influencers which recreate the look of the stars in the plus size dresses so we get to know about them.

Katie Sturino has tried to copy the fashion influencers and the plus size dresses and give us the fashion advice which we were in dire need of. Fortunately, the world gave the NYC-style blogger “12ish – 18ish” a look that often required some fashion tips.

1.Allison Briefs KateSturino

Kitty’s hashtag is #SuperSizeTheLook, and this look is another plan for Allison Brie.  We’re always looking for something different, and that’s what really happened.  Kate wore a cheap Nevi shirt, Steve Madden shoes, and some Jane gear.

2.Meghan Markle vs. Katie Sturino

Kate always adjusts the look of the wedding because it is easy to design, especially with regard to size.  It’s a dream of green – the Kitty version has a slightly different design at the front, but retains nude heels and skirts.  This watch is a professional.

3.Blake Lively vs.Katie Strino

We always want a dress that can double as a bath.  Blaise Live and Katie wore the same fashion statement in this dress, but Katie decided to wear a dress with all the red shoes and a skirt. It is more like a bathrobe and a coat at the same time.

4.Kate Moss vs Katie Sturino

High heels and sweaters may be our most favorite clothing jackets, but we always miss the look of leather jackets – especially the leather models, the original Kate-style dresses.  Mos.  Katie’s shoes are from Start Weitzman’s and we need them ASAP – stylish and functional in various sizes?  Upon request.

5.Rosie Huntington vs. Katie Sturino

This look at Rosie Huntington glows on a highlight guard, and to be honest, we would love Katie.  The first was tablet-centric, and although that was monochromatic, we wanted a little pizza to look at.  Katie designed glasses to add depth and degree.

6.Priyanka Chopra vs. Katy Sturrino

Priyanka Chopra has always known to live a good life when things looked good.  When the sun is cold, we really need it.  Jeans are more laundry detergent, and their tails are smaller, slightly flattering and booty.

7.Tracee Ellen Ross vs. Katie Sturrino

Large full-color jumpsuits are not easy to cut.  A lot of people seem to have a sweet look for them, but both Katie Sturino and Trey Ellen Rose look slow and angry.  This lineup is intended to get big girls out of their comfort zone and wear a little bit of scare – dive in with the colors of the stars.

8.Jessica Simpson vs. Katie Sturrino

In this Jessica Simpson print style, we love the length of the leather cover, we have to say we love this version of Kitty with black and white snakes.  Physical image visualization can increase confidence.

9.Alessandra Ambrose vs. Katie Sturrino

Not only is Alessandra Ambrosios not only easy for her football, but she also adds phone numbers to the chain.  From Ambrosio’s point of view, despite the heavier luggage and more formal style, we really think more jackets and jeans are appropriate.

10.Amal Clooney vs Katie Sturino

There is no such thing as a Clooney dress to expose and define your inner femininity.  This look is perfect for any occasion and combines leather and dead under a leather strap.  The pants are AE, and the shirt comes from Nostrom. Katie Sturino has given us the ideas to wear such dresses which enhance your looks and gives perfect shot for any of the event. she has perfectly copied Amar Colony and we loved the outcome.

11.Maria Menounos vsKatieSturino

Here Katie wears another gold dress that looks like a golden boy.  We loved the leather belt, emphasizing Maria Menonoson and Stanno.  Some people may be concerned about the appearance of their toes, but if Mary and Kathy can walk, we can too!

12.Hailey Bieber vs Katie Sturino

If you love a talking crown and Hailey Bayer promotes the sexual fluid perspective.  Kitty’s version is pretty cute, but it has a bit of a stimulating sound for the energy we need.  The same height will appear in detail.  The markets here are slightly smaller than previous traders.

13.Karen Gilla and Katie Sturino

The cut of the jackets is cool but strong (and timeless).  This look is the perfect combination, but at least not for style – we wear our shoes with ankle boots.  The jacket is from both Madewell and Kitty’s beautiful jeans LOFT.

14.CandaceBure vs Katie Sturino

This look is a lesson for fashion professionals on how to dress in black and white.  Cathy Camron Burre from DJ Tanner can enjoy this holiday, but Katie ran in a more unique and much-needed way this year.  And the rotten center on top of the Ronica Beer enriches all the vertical curves, adding a leaf to the pants from the Republic of Fana.


Katie Sturino no has given us the ideas that how thick girls can copy fashion icons and celebrities from all around the world. It is very difficult to get out the dress in a plus size and women were in need of some blogger who would help them to wear the clothes. I hope that would have helped you to improve your dressing while you are copying some fashion influencers.

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