Dita Von Teese’s Maximalist House

Dita Von Teese is unique in its style. She loves the past but also loves to dance. It’s more often than not the clothes, makeup, and hairstyle. Oh, the world, and the incredible image of all the things he loves. It’s not true what was restored to me if you will, and see the pictures of the house, you will find you.

This is a very beautiful building with its surrounding walls and white image. Types; and there is much more to add to anything else than simple, it’s a dream of your being, and at home, around the world. Price, which is equidistant from cleaning a small home after a beautiful place of beauty. There is a lavish lifestyle in Hollywood movies or things other than feeling, like a real house, and.

1927 Dita English home built in classic style, Theodore easing. As soon as years ago moved to 5, white walls everywhere. A minimalist dream is immoral. Hate white walls. DUT brand loves her family and wants to show off. He once chose to add color and character to a new home in a new way.

In one room, the wall was a picture of a respiratory wall, with paint mural on other objects, and I stood with the birds gathered, except for the attention and detail.

And yet there is a small left to dump because they love and use home decoration projects forever. Finding a small white house. Dita Von Teese movement is a classic: Do you think?

The old collector who is the first to see the good and the beautiful. at home, in the kitchen of the house of the most handsome and did not kill the architectural design and such as the Monkey. The walls have a deep red color, the kitchen already wants to call home from maximums home. Kitchen with green walls of copper to enjoy pride. The black tiles in the kitchen are the same for all.

In an interview with planner Digest, when she filled in she started doing this, she said, clothes do not wear a new friend’s plan. That was the choice of the vine is done by a natural thing, but at the same time to go to the garden of the subject of love, and, of course, not in all materials, clothing, and personal home in the decorations of the business. Now he likes to pick up the old house.

She is beautiful, fitted with a glass dining room and part of the object according to their saddles and the mantle of her, Want to be repaired. In fact, all the best places and vineyards are stored.

kitchen Dita is very bright. Because of this, if you are healthy when people enter the hanging accidentally in the kitchen. And you know, that’s wrong. She had a pink kitchen at home last time and brought a lot to the house. However, nowadays decorate with a green copper kitchen. Proud, his happy green British AGA stove. And the design of the color associated with the price of copper can also add some cosmetics to the kitchen furniture.

The living room and bedroom of the house are probably the best. This clearly shows that the most important remote nature of them can be subsequently added. There are animal taxidermy, bird Victory taxidermy and vintage cloth decorated with feathers and burnt, and vintage shops of various Dita tastes. One of the seats in the toolbox is the one that is covered, there is a reproduction of another French sofa. He said a lot may be good, but all things beautiful, they are, however, did chairs, because they say that, the more difficult, the harder it will be to find a place, the more comfortable at home.


And that was found in the kitchen restaurants, but the furniture and fabrics I used to love. The two glass is strong, with a gold chain on the edge, and the need to touch his mouth and mouth the effect. Robert’s demonstration for a product to build it for me is a rope in front of the door and a turn on the rotators.

Another fun thing to do Dita has been drinking. But people were relentless in the few jealous Tiki bars, and I thought it could have been a café, too, like Ted, an English house, which is in the back of his mind.

And the room would fill his wife with a cave. Has the brain and all the features of the previous shame increased several walls? These popular movies will see corsets and baskets of burlesque dancers
The living room is probably the warmest room in the house. It shows the maximum nature of the data as much as possible. There are animal taxidermy, Victorian bird taxidermy, vintage decorative feathers, and fabric holes, vintage furniture, and various treasures and treasures that Dita loves. Here we found one of the chairs in the ark market and then they covered things up, another is a reproduction of a French sofa. You’d say it would be very nice, but Diita says that even though her chairs look nice, they’re all very uncomfortable because it makes it hard for you to find a comfortable place to sit at home.

our clothes and shoes, hats, and the vine will fail, when they are reconciled I will take on great work, and that they should be proud. It also has a large group of large red and gold squares. Best for you.

In an interview with Architectural Digest, Dita said she started making her own clothes because she couldn’t wear a new designer for her friends. Vintage was a natural choice, but soon her love story went into the garden, with not only clothes but all kinds of furniture, homework, and home decor. Now she loves to collect old and old things from home. Dita Von Tesse in the living room is so beautiful. He spoke through books of at least bright colors. But little is what is already mentioned so that there are history plans for bibs according to photos of his friends. midnight as usual.

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