Low Cheekbones vs. High Cheekbones: Everything You Need to Know

When people talk about “good bone structure” on the face, it is often referred to as the cheeks, which is the actual structure of your face under the skin. They usually consist of human bones, which can be lower or higher depending on the person.

When malar bones are close to the eyes, you think they have high cheeks. If you go to the tip of your nose, you probably have a small cheek. It’s no better than others – genetics and ethnicity, for example, have to do with the bone in your face. Some cultures value high cheeks above lower levels, although both are good.

When it comes to beautiful face cheeks are the one thing which is noticed first as compared to any other structure on the face and you can really feel more confident if you naturally have higher cheekbones. The prominent cheekbones no matter how high or how they are, are considered as a sign of beauty.

Some cultures from the world do have bones with which are a bit higher but somehow both of them look really pretty. It all depends upon the Genetics and heritage factors that what is the nature of your cheekbone so it should not be avoided if you have high or low cheekbone until it is really prominent.



If you’re not sure whether your cheekbones are low or high, just use a mirror somewhere with good lighting. Place medicinal herbs in the tragus if the cartilage section protrudes from the ear canal. Now put your index finger on your nose and contract until they are together. When you press the light, you should feel where your malar bones are. Separate them if your cheekbones are under the eyes – this really helps to know the level of cheekbones and they are regarded as high cheekbones this way.

What do you think of the little cheek below? If your men’s bones are closer to your nose, you think they have low cheeks.

In general, people with high and low cheeks also find that the widest part of the face is almost under the eyes, which can lead to a small belly under the bone.

Scientifically, the ‘high jaws’ specifically refer to the more familiar bubbles, which are considered superior. Empty walls are not particularly noticeable and are considered aesthetic abuse as “bottom position”. It is subjective and we don’t think there is anything wrong with it.


Seated cheeks can also indicate a more symmetrical face, which is why high cheeks are considered attractive in many societies. Apparently, symmetrical planes are easier to process intelligently. People are really obsessed with cheekbones because it indicates that the person has a symmetrical face and the cheekbones look very attractive from a distance.

This means that the person has more power and courage to do the work and the people having low cheekbones are considered to be more conservative and self-dependent as compared to the people having high cheekbones. People are really obsessed with cheekbones but if you have low ones, It really does not mean that you are unattractive.

Many stars and celebrities are really having a swag with the low cheekbones and they are leaving their normal life.
In Asian society, a high cheek means that the individual has more determination, courage, and strength. On the other end of the spectrum, people with low cheeks are usually isolated and independent.

While long calves are beautiful, it doesn’t mean that low cheeks aren’t attractive. There are many models with low sticks. In addition, many of the most prominent stars are those with low cheeks. Take Rachel Bilson and Taylor Swift, for example – famous cheeks are two of the most beautiful women in the world. Another low-wall celebrity is Maggie Gyllenhaal, unique beauty to many.


While this may seem subjective, many people with low cheeks try to imitate the illusion of high cheeks and try to explain how the structure works. To look like Angelina Jolie or Katherine Hepburn, you can easily insert items that match the position of your cheeks. Consider this technique before improving it with dermal fillers or cheek implants.


After finding the technique we mentioned earlier on your cheeks, it’s easier to find hulled fish in those holes. Start running and remember that you don’t want to miss the fair’s natural tips. Breathe in a little brown under your hair and float to create a line above your cheeks. Then use a marker with a good brush on the malar bones. Make sure your marble light and fabric match. Other obvious cosmetics can also work. Don’t be afraid to watch some YouTube tutorials.


People with low bones don’t have luxurious human bones to stay fresh. The people have naturally low cheekbones and if you will start to diet, the cheekbones will simply get enhanced they will not give you a perfect look because it will rather give you some weak look.

Due to the advancement of age, every person loses the fat on their face similarly the women are more prone to lose their fat on the face. If you take collagen supplements and a healthy diet it helps you to get that beautiful look in spite of being advanced age.


The artificial enhancements are there and you can get a lot of fillers that are present in the market for enhancing the cheeks but this alter the appearance of your face or together and you will not look pretty.

The low cheekbones do not look really good but if you have high cheekbones they look really pretty but it is not important that you destroy your face altogether just to get that high point. The cheekbones confidence no matter how you look like and what age you have.

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